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#1 copy - To California Funeral Alternatives, Inc. with ORIGINAL signature(s)
#2 copy - Retained by the next of kin
"Release of Cremated Remains for Scattering off the Coast of San Diego
including Contract for Goods and Services"
In accordance with and subject to the terms and conditions set forth in this authorization, (California Funeral Alternative’s Inc.'s
rules and regulations and applicable Federal, California State laws and regulations), I(We) direct California Funeral Alternatives,
Inc. to take possession of and make arrangements to comply with all State and Federal laws for final disposition of the Deceased
(named below).
I(We) warrant and represent that I(we) have the full legal right and authority to authorize the disposition of the
cremated remains of the Deceased, to be scattered at sea off the coast of San Diego, California.
I(We) understand that:
1.    Once the cremated remains are scattered at sea, they are unrecoverable.
2.    Payment by credit card is required before scattering takes place.
3.    All cremated remains must be in a durable container and shipped through USPS, Registered Mail. California Funeral                
Alternatives, Inc., is not responsible for any loss or damage of cremated remains prior to our receipt.
4.    Cremated remains will be “scattered” in a timely manner, weather permitting.  No religious or cultural services will take place.
5.    Following the scattering, the container, which held said cremated remains, shall be disposed of at the discretion of California
Funeral Alternatives, Inc.

The obligation of California Funeral Alternatives, Inc. shall be limited to the disposition of the cremated remains as directed herein.  
I(We) agree to release and hold harmless California Funeral Alternatives, Inc., its affiliates and their agents, employees,
successors and assigns from any and all loss, damage, liability or causes of action (including attorney’s fee(s) and  expenses of
litigation in connection with the disposition of the cremated remains of the Deceased as authorized herein or in respect to the
identification of said cremated remains as being those of the Deceased.
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#1- $150        X____________________________

#2- $175        X____________________________

#3- $225        X____________________________

#4- $500        X____________________________
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Legal Next of Kin and person receiving "Certificate of Scattering"
Contract for Goods and Services
California Funeral Alternatives, Inc.
1020 E. Pennsylvania Ave., Escondido, CA 92025
Ph 760-737-2890 - e-mail: -
FD1624 & CRD926

The undersigned is in agreement to pay for service Option #1,2,3 or 4 as requested:
Legal Next of Kin: