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Our costs and information:
Four options
1.  $150.00 - scattering off the coast of San Diego
Includes disposition permit filing if needed; Certificate of Scattering sent to next of kin (stating GPS coordinates,
date and time of scattering); sending required documents to the San Diego County Registrar.
 Time and date is at
our discretion, but, within a reasonable time period,
weather permitting.

2.  $175.00 - a specific time and date requested by family and includes all the above, underlined services.

3.  $225.00 - if the family wants to view from shore, the price includes all the above, underlined services, cell
phone communications with the boat, photo sent via receiving cell phone or e-mail.  (The best viewing area is
Cabrillo National Monument – looking down at the sea; or on the beach at Coronado – looking across the sea.)

4.  $500.00 – Includes all the above, underlined services, a biodegradable urn (Certified by the State of California
as water soluble), viewing from shore, cell phone communication and photo sent via receiving cell phone or e-mail.

Requirement for scattering:
Federal and State Laws, CFA requirements
1.  Cremated remains shipped to our office in a durable, easily opened container. (Only the U.S. Postal Service
(USPS) accepts cremated remains for shipment.  Please contact your local USPS office for packaging

2.  If the death occurred IN California  - The “Application and Permit for Disposition of Human Remains” must
accompany the Cremated Remains
. This permit was given to the next of kin by the cremation service that was
used. If you do not have one, contact the cremation service.
If the death occurred OUTSIDE of California - A certified death certificate must accompany the Cremated Remains.
(State Requirement)

3.  A completed Release Form (see link below), signed by the legal next of kin(s), releasing the cremated remains
to the care of California Funeral Alternatives, Inc. for scattering.  Funeral Home
copy with legal signature(s)
must accompany the Cremated Remains.

4.  Sign Release form  Choose Options: 1,2,3 or 4

Payment before scattering service – Credit Card only.

See Links for merchandise and Pg. 2 Contract Release form:

Please Contact us at:
California Funeral Alternatives, Inc.
"Ebb Tide"
1020 E. Pennsylvania Avenue
Escondido, CA  92025
760-737-2890   Fax:  760-737-2892  E-mail:
License #FD1624, #CRD926
Information and Options for San Diego Scattering at Sea